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Child Protection Policy


We take the care and protection of children here very seriously.  We do background checks on all who work with children and all workers must go through special training.

All who work with children are required to follow strict rules of conduct at all times. During every service, ushers monitor the building and grounds
to ensure safety. We also have security cameras installed throughout the church.

Also, children will only be released to their parent(s) following the service.

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Brad & Pam Fussell

First Assembly of God - Dallas, Georgia
“Child Protection Policy”

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1.Everyone who works with children must fill out a Children’s Worker Application form.  A “child” is anyone who is under the age of 18.  “Worker” includes leaders, teachers, assistant teachers, helpers, drivers or anyone who will be or may be around children because of their position in the church.  This also includes spouses who may be helping their spouse in any of these ministries.

2.Everyone who works with children must sign the covenant at the bottom of the Child Protection Policy.

3.Everyone who works with children must be willing to undergo a criminal background check.

4.Anyone who has been convicted of child abuse (either sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse) will not be allowed to work with children.  Other crimes also may disqualify someone from working with children.

5.Everyone who works with children must be a member of the church.  The only exception is those who are hired nursery workers.  However, they must sign and follow the Child Protection Policy.

6.Everyone who works with children must always observe the “Two Adult Rule”.  This means that an adult must never be alone with a child behind closed doors or in a secluded location.  This also includes counseling and/or transporting children.

7.Workers must never spank, hit or use physical force with children.

8.Children will be under adult supervision at all times while attending church or other activities.

9.All workers will be required to attend training sessions which at times will include training in the area of child protection.

10.All workers must be at least 18 years old and they must be approved by the Pastor.  Younger workers may be used as assistants and must be approved by the Pastor.  They must also read and sign the Child Protection Policy.

11.All rooms that are used as class rooms for children must have a peep hole, window or half door. 

12.When a church sponsored event takes place away from the church, all rules must still be followed.

13.Anyone driving for a church sponsored event must fill out a Driving Form that will be kept on file and they must have a safe driving record.

14.When a church sponsored event takes place away from the church, all drivers must be approved by the Pastor even when using their own vehicles.  Unsafe driving should be reported to the Pastor.  Unsafe drivers will not be allowed to drive on church sponsored outings.

15.Anyone who is aware of any inappropriate activity should report it to the Pastor.

16.The Child Protection Committee reserves the right to make revisions to these policies.  (The Child Protection Committee is made up of the Pastor, Deacons and Department Leaders.)

Workers Covenant

I have read the Child Protection Policy above and as a worker at First Assembly of God, Dallas, GA, I agree to support, promote and abide by these policies.  I understand that these policies are in place for the protection of children and also for my protection as a worker. 


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